October 26, 2020

Let the interior design of your home personify your sense of art, style, and décor. Every element of your home décor depicts your personality and is truly a reflection of your lifestyle. When it comes to the furnishing of the room, never shrug off the impact of flooring on the overall outlook of your home. Apart from having luxurious marble, vinyl, tile, laminated, or hardwood flooring, Kaleen rugs accentuate the flooring style of your living space. An area rug simply anchors your room and furniture giving it a focal point that lifts up the entire feel of the room.


Simple flooring sometimes gives a monotonous and dreary outlook especially when it comes to larger rooms or corridors. Home décor outlets present you shedload of flooring options, both classic and contemporary. You need to be wise enough when selecting a perfect option for your room that goes perfectly well with the rest of the décor of your room. Adorning the living place with bewitching area rugs spruce up the dullness of the room and enlivens the complete home décor.    

Defining Areas with the Kaleen Rugs

As stated earlier, area rugs are ideal options to embellish the larger rooms, corridors and hallways with grace. Amongst tons of options available in the home décor outlet, you need an expert’s suggestions to select the rugs that are meant to designed exclusively for the living rooms, dining rooms, corridors, and other areas. One rug can’t be placed in every type of area. You need an exclusive type of Kaleen rug that can ideally complement the respective room.


Zone Off Large Spaces to Wipe Out the Feel of Dead Spaces

An Entrancing Kaleen rug surely makes a focal point of the room around which the entire interior of the room goes round. You can create zones in the larger rooms to give variations of the sitting area by incorporating different colors and angles of rugs. You can transform the dead spaces of the corridors into spellbinding visual pathways to captivate the whole area between the connecting rooms. You can play around with the contrasting color pellets and patterns for the home décor keeping in mind the color and pattern scheme of the area rug. For instance, complementing the rug of the corridor or the room with the vintage wall décor or the family wall décor enchants with the ultimate warmth and depth that is delightful to witness.

 Styling the Rug with Versatility

Angling and layering the rug differently with the style makes the area more appealing. You need to select the suitable size and shape of the Kaleen rug keeping in mind the type size and angle of the furniture and room. If you want to put the furniture over the area rug, the rug should of suitable size, either you can opt for the central rug with equal spaces from the furniture from all the sides or you can have the front portion of the furniture on the corners of the rugs. People often desire to place Kaleen rugs as a wall hanging, so that’s a pretty cool idea for you to use rugs for your wall décor.


HollyValuesHomes; Reinforce Your Décor Scheme

Holly values homes provide you the best options for premium quality home accessories. You can make selections according to the décor of your home that goes well with the color or pattern of the rug. For instance, you can make the cushion or the pillowcases complement the area rug with reference to the color or pattern. Additionally, you can opt for the fresh flowers or our vast collection of fake flower arrangements to make it complement the floral rug. We feature mesmerizing décor options for you for contrasting the rugs with, like glass vases or the wall hanging that will reinforce the décor scheme of your home.