November 02, 2020

Kaleen rugs are the ultimate finishing elements to glorify the home décor. They not only complete the interior of the room but also makes a focal point corresponding to which you can design the theme of the décor. Area rugs are not just confined to serve the purpose of the flooring, you can have them as a dynamic art piece. With the advancement of the art and designing field, area rugs have exhibited a vast range in terms of material, shapes, and patterns. Iconic Kaleen rug represents your sense of art and décor that lifts up the entire interior décor.


Cultural and Traditional Depiction from Around the World

The selection of the most suitable trendy yet comfortable rug is indeed a tough task. Home décor outlet presents unlimited options for countless types of area rugs that are worth having them. Various type of rugs illustrates the tradition and culture of the respective area to which they belong. For instance, oriental rugs depict specific eastern tradition with their unique classy designs and durable and premium quality locally available material. Persian rugs have their own specialties for finely knotted rugs. The quality material of the Kaleen rugs, its durability, softness and comfortableness, and foremost its iconic design pattern makes it symbolic representative for that specific area or country. Antique rugs the icing on the cake for any modest home décor.  

Overwhelming Types of Kaleen Rugs  

Area rugs are being crafted with numerous materials almost everywhere around the world. Home décor outlets mostly exhibit a global collection of rugs. The diversity of the material overwhelms the buyer with elegance and sophistication. Here we present numerous types of Kaleen rugs to make your decision a little easier which will simplify your confusion of what type would you desire to have it for embellishing your room. 


Elegant Wool, Silk, and Cotton Rugs

These are the most durable and user-friendly Kaleen rugs that grace your living space with ultimate elegance and beauty. Most of the rugs are conventionally hand-knotted, handwoven, or hand-tufted. Machine loomed types are also available that are mostly crafted using a synthetic material. Expense varies from type to type, cotton rugs being inexpensive are the most budget-friendly rugs to have it for your casual spaces or sitting areas with the advantage of replacing them according to your mood after some time. Rugs with pure or some percent of silk are the extremely delicate and most expensive rugs that make your home décor luxurious and trendy. Wool rugs are the softest and comfortable rugs that give you coziness and warmth especially in winters.

Classic Natural fiber, Jute and Bamboo Rugs

These are economical organically made from natural fibers Kaleen rugs and modest ways to revitalize and spruce up your home décor. These hand knotted rugs are the best options for adding texture and depth to create a casual and chic appearance. You can also have it as a flooring base to emblazon the decorative small pieces of rugs. 


Trendy Faux Fur or Hair-On-Hide Rugs

These acrylics, organic or synthetic rugs give a trendy and luxurious appearance that looks super soft and comfy. If you want to give a contemporary unique touch to your home décor, trendy faux fur rugs are the best option. However, they require special cleaning treatment and maintenance to maintain the softness and neatness of the fur.

 Polypropylene or Polyester Synthetic Rugs

The synthetic industry has introduced several materials for woven Kaleen rugs including polyester, polypropylene, synthetic fibers, nylon, viscose or a blend of fibers. Although these are machine woven but are the true replica of classic hand-woven rugs. Although these represent the modern craft but being synthetic these are not so environment-friendly options.

 In the next blog, we’ll be sharing our featured collection of elegant, trendy, and durable Kaleen rugs. Their striking crafting will surely overwhelm you to embellish your home décor with irresistibly amazing Kaleen rugs.